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How to Have Conversations about Change

“We spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.” — Eddie Obeng Something unusual just happened in San Francisco. A new, mixed-use housing development was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission. The project, 1028 Market, located at the intersection of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district and […]

Meeting the Makers in Oakland

Robert Ogilvie, Director, SPUR Oakland At Westlake Urban, we consider “placemaking” an integral part of the work we do as developers. When designing our projects, we are constantly seeking ways to create places that resonate and connect with the local community. On January 26, we were proud to co-sponsor the first-ever Made in Oakland Expo. […]

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Westlake Urban Interview with Brian Wiedenmeier, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Our work at Westlake Urban is focused on re-envisioning and redeveloping sites that have outlived their useful lives. Most of our projects are located in existing communities where we have owned properties for decades. These communities tend to be urbanizing places where the pace of change is rapidly increasing, rules are changing, and long-held beliefs […]

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Taking impossibility to the next level

Public art provides us with an opportunity for reflection and contemplation, as well as active enjoyment  and community engagement as artists redefine the relationship between viewer, object, place, and time. SHARE:

San Leandro Tech Campus
Three Little Words at the Heart of Creative Land Recycling

Reclaim, connect, transform: Those three words illustrate the arc of Westlake Urban’s work to redevelop San Leandro’s former Del Monte Cannery site into the new San Leandro Tech Campus (SLTC). Those three words are also at the heart of the work of the Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR or “see clear”). Founded in 1996 […]

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Exploring On Site Materials Reuse For The Kirkham Project

Westlake Urban is teaming up with Watershed Materials and Alpha Group to explore a solution to a problem that real estate developers often face – excavation that has to be moved off a construction site to make way for new buildings. Rather than haul off all of the excavation material and then import thousands of concrete masonry units (CMUs) […]

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Tactical Urbanism: Connecting people and places through small-scale changes.

To improve public space, little projects can yield big rewards: a pop-up “parklet” on a big-city street, a shopping mall made from shipping containers, or bicycle lanes and other street enhancements produced through “quick-build” projects that use a mix of local funding, volunteer efforts, and creative staffing solutions to bring about long-lasting changes. Known as […]

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Viva Las Vegas: A small bookstore symbolizes the rebirth of a blighted neighborhood

City building has always been complicated work, with countless intersecting issues that need to be addressed. Today, new challenges have emerged as many of our cities are struggling with city “rebuilding,” in response to new demands and preferences for urban living, transit and walkable neighborhoods. Many of our older urban and first-ring suburban cities experienced […]

2000 Delaware
San Mateo City Leaders Honored at 2000 Delaware Grand Opening Celebration

Much-needed affordable housing became reality this month in San Mateo as the result of a public-private partnership and the forward thinking of San Mateo city leaders and their development partners. Together, they are taking a fresh approach to address the housing crisis in the Bay Area. SHARE:

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Pedaling Toward a Leaner, Greener Future

Americans have long had a “love affair” with their cars, but that is changing with the millennial generation, who show a preference for living closer to jobs and are less interested in car ownership. This shift is challenging the 50-plus-year-old assumption that cars are king and creating a market demand for a more connected alternative […]