Hand gets a home in Civic Park
July 2, 2014

A peaceful hand makes a home in Civic Park

A giant hand now greets those who walk, or even drive, by Civic Park.

The sculpture, titled the “Hand of Peace,” was created by famous artist Benjamin Bufano, who reportedly at one time cut off his trigger finger and sent it to President Woodrow Wilson to protest World War I.

The nearly 5-ton sculpture made of copper, mosaic and stained glass is 30 feet tall, and was placed (using a crane) in Civic Park near the library a few weeks ago. A deal to place the sculpture in Civic Park has been in the works for years but it took time to clean the statue and fix it and for the city and the piece’s owners, the Chang family, to come to an agreement on the lease of the art.

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And view this video of the installation, shared on YouTube by the City of Walnut Creek


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