What It Takes To Buy A House In The Inner Sunset
March 6, 2015

The Inner Sunset has grown in prominence as a hot San Francisco real estate market, and we caught up with Ilana Minkoff, a realtor with Vanguard Properties, to learn more. Although she helps clients buy and sell across the city, Minkoff shared insights into the unique challenges of purchasing real estate right here in the Inner Sunset.

What’s the most notable change to the Inner Sunset’s real estate market that you’ve observed in recent years?

“What used to be a fairly under-the-radar neighborhood has become a recently discovered gem. It has a laid back, unpretentious family feel. And being so transit and bike friendly, it’s become a great alternative to more pricey neighborhoods. As with the rest of San Francisco, inventory in the Inner Sunset is very low, so with such high demand, prices are on the rise.”

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